Monday, July 6, 2015

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2105-6

In a huge departure from my usual commentary, venue is on the menu first! So, yeah, message received … A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.   What  you find out is that  there is one  thing  Arnault cannot  buy and that is the weather.   So on this  blistering hot day,  the fans were all alfutter and perspiration was aplenty. You would think that they could find a shaded area to construct their ‘’temple.’’ BTW, the scale of the venue dwarfs the clothes and the clothes are nowhere  near spectacular  enough to measure up and outshine the surroundings.

That being said now we can move onto the clothes which of course leaves the door wide open to discussion. So from what can be assumed or deduced is that we have Seurat, a whiff of Rabanne or is that supposedly an updated chain mail, some Goth or medieval influences, a bit of boudoir, an army of nondescript dresses and an ode to the New Look!  There are of course, “freaks of fashion” abounding such as mismatched sleeves, organza sleeves on wool jackets, a boatload of shoes that only amplify the sad side of the clothes and compound the felony but lastly there is a new element that Rif-Raf has introduced and that is “fashion vandalism!” What possesses this man to think that adding a “bell bottom” to the sleeve of a bar jacket is great design or for that matter any design?

There are the de rigeur lavish embroideries but they are reserved for dresses that have no shape and seemingly are 2 panels sewn together with no shape. The oddly proportioned monk’s coats or cloaks or whatever they are seem not only to be out of place but out of touch with reality ... any reality! Let’s examine what has been dubbed, by me, the Victor Victoria or “one sleeve wonder” pieces which are coats, jackets and dresses that have one set in sleeve and one cape like slit sleeve. Can we talk about so many models clutching the front of these outerwear pieces as if there was a chill in the air? What effect does this evoke?

The highlight came early on with the New Look pieces but sadly they were taken too literally and again made that much worse by those ghastly shoes and the less than flattering length, unless of course this is 1947. It is sad that Rif-Raf cannot extrapolate and massage the house codes in such a way that they look contemporary rather than vintage.

In the end, the pandering and fawning can begin. Rif-Raf can blah blah blah and maybe the dawn will come sooner than later!

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