Monday, June 19, 2017

Dsquared2 men’s spring 2018

Who knew that being twins and good time boys supposedly make up for showing silly tired clothes?

Who can explain why these clothes are relevant to anything?

Who can tell me why these 2, who do possess talent, continue to show Halloween costumes/get ups season after season?
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Who knew that “a million” belt buckles could become tuxedo stripes? A punk revival?

Who would be seen in daylight in these clothes?

How does this brand make any money?
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Is this supposed to be androgynous?

When did the pedestrian become a trend?

What would “fashion” be without the “Levi” jean jacket?
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Why are these clothes so been there, done that?

How can you take any of this seriously?

Can anyone explain this to me… anyone?? Any of it?
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P.S. I actually loved the white dinner jacket trimmed in black and the “bleached out” sequin jeans … god forgive me

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