Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tom Ford men's spring 2018

Ooh… ahaaah … oooh .. let the fawning and preening and lauding begin!

Oh sorry! I didn’t realize this was the new collection. Oopsy!

So that’s it? ….. Again? …. Still?... he too needs to find a new horse to beat.

All this to look like you are a throwback to the 70s at stratospheric prices… but hey.. it’s Tom Ford so let the sheep loose and have their charge cards at the ready.

There is a HUGE difference to massaging or “nuancing” a collection and trotting out the same show ponies season after season after season …ooops I fell asleep!

You want him… he’s yours … that is if you can afford him! I already tossed out wardrobes of this stuff….

P.S. case in point.. what would he do without a hoodie, a Levi jean jacket, a 5 pocket jean and the American Gigolo silhouette… oh yeah, and leopard? As a public service announcement.. this collection was phoned in at an earlier date. Lastly …  I would love the camo jacket, if anyone is asking!