Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spring 2018 men's .. London... that's a wrap

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WWD Headline Buyers Laud London’s Inventiveness, Energy, Emerging Talent”

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"London Fashion Week Men's – which celebrated its fifth anniversary – wrapped on Monday, with retailers praising pieces from established and emerging labels."
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Alas they must have been to a different London (London, Ohio?) or maybe now no need wonder why the once bible of fashion is now considered next to worthless and without gravitas
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I guess we are now channeling roadside maintenance workers? and paying homage to hefty trash size bags in color!
Notice that tricked out pants and jackets prevail! Looking like wearing thrift is new …. Again!
How did these clothes get to a runway other than that of a school show?
Did you notice that the majority of the so called men’s fashion business is now aimed at the prepubescents and millennials!
Oddly… urban/street/hip-hop fashion has been proposed on almost exclusively Caucasian models!

And back to the start ….
What’s to say?  Well, one might ASK… WHY? One might say well they’re young designers expressing their vision.
One might say that some should quit beating the dead horse they already beat to death.
One might wonder if there is anything in between crushingly boring and absolutely absurdly attention whore mongering costumes.
Lastly one might ask why on earth do these so called collections garner any sort of review... let alone any that fawn and try to explain away bad, bad, bad clothes… it really is just that simple… WHY?

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