Thursday, June 22, 2017

Paris men’s spring 2018 .. A PLAY IN 3 ACTS

Chalk up 3 more for the who cares column... 
Balenciaga.. click image to enlarge

Opening day of Paris collections for men and the best I can come up with is who cares… it ranges from the Spartan and almost sterile Lemaire to the patently absurd pedestrian pile of rags from Balenciaga designed to shock and draw attention by the sweetheart of fashion victims everywhere … Demna Gvasalia… so let the fawning and oohing and aaahing and cooing begin ….  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse there is the unclassifiable Facetasm who provided the so called “male” answer to the much ballyhooed and copied Tom Ford caped gown.
Facetasm.. click image to enlarge

The truth is in front of you and you won’t need me to guide you through, so have a look and have at it!
Lemaire.. click image to enlarge

Hardly what one could call an auspicious or propitious start to the last stop of the fashion caravan? 
Balenciaga.. click image to enlarge

P.S. one doesn't have to think twice as to why the retail business sucks!