Sunday, June 18, 2017

Philipp Plein men's spring 2018

Grease meets Bye Bye Birdie meets The Wild One …   NASCAR meets WWF …  forelock meets flame meets spill curl… Jeremy Scott meets Philipp Plein meets Hedi Slimane meets Alessandro Michele … Rizzo meets Kenickie … Conrad Birdie meets Danny Zuko … it is fashion according to Plein’s whim of the moment
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The clothes, after the 10th variation on a theme....  it all becomes yawn worthy at best

The show is a spectacle which is fine as the clothes take a back seat to the totality of it all 
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There’s no trend, no real fashion here ...  just a lot of wildly expensive clothes aimed at…  well…  actually very rich people who have nothing but money and a need to spend it on silly overpriced shit and think they are hot stuff
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There are a few consistencies each season ... the de rigeur croco jacket as well as leather and of course the studs and jeans….  Story over
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As they say at a crime scene when a crowd starts to gather … nothing to see here keep moving

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