Monday, February 10, 2020


Well let’s say it is an evening of okay, so that was pretty and then a lot of WTF were you thinking and then the fools who listened to their stylists and looked like fools. Lastly there was Diana Keaton who seemed to think she was  going shopping... poor thing  the only part of her  face that moves is her mouth

The diamond merchants had a great night.

Lots of ladies flouncing around in oversized over the top gowns. Aren’t we tired yet of Billy Porter but I will say it was reassuring to see he, in fact, had a male organ!?

Gucci will never get it right.

Side boob is never pretty even if you’re wearing a lasagna dress or maybe a reptilian one …with a train …. from Valentino

It wasn’t a great night for Chanel in terms of selection.

Why was Renée’s sleeve so long?

Jane just went to the back of her closet and still looked great although I wasn’t sure why she needed her wrap.

All in all, with everything that must be available to these women for this event... it was pretty yawn worthy … but on the plus side, it was nice to see that the hair and makeup population was working ... even if there was a preponderance of jungle red lips and dark roots!

PS…. Dior must whip up these one-offs for these occasions as the collections never come near the beauty of some of these i.e. Charlize

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