Tuesday, July 6, 2021

CHANEL fall couture 2021


So, Virginie, I have some questions for you:

What season were you designing for?

What made you think these clothes reflect almost 100 years of the biggest single brand in the world?

While you were standing next to Karl. Were you in a somnambulistic state?

I would like to know if you think Karl would allow his models to parade down a runway looking unkempt?

A kangaroo pocket dress??

There were maybe 5 beautiful pieces and the rest are filler of absolutely no importance: why would you add a simple tailored suit? Or Marie Antoinette’s bloomers and camisole?

Walmart polar fleece is not CHANEL look so why is it there along side halter summer dresses and a satirical take on Scarlet O’Hara in black and white?

That was your finale. How pathetic. It’s like dropping a nail file during sex!

You should be scared girl, very scared you could be the next boulette de viande.... look it up!


  1. We may be witnessing the downfall of grandes maisons de couture parisiennes catwalk show after catwalk show it’s less and real or creative, not even copycat of the past or replica as we say now, no it’s properly nothing. R.M.F’S

  2. less and less magical design and atmosphere, Couture today had been totally reduced (compacted) to grandiose / dramatic background and … flop, nothing really like beautiful clothes, just racks of garments for funhouses. R.M.F’S