Sunday, July 11, 2021

pyer moss haute couture 2021

pyer moss haute couture 2021


With all the buzz surrounding this designer’s collection I felt compelled to finally have a look and read one review which happened to be that of Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times. That being said I wish to state that fashion is a business, couture of ready wear, and it is a business of selling clothes. Ms. Friedman seems to think this is an ethno/political/ sociological statement which reflects the present and future of what was once called fashion.

I emphatically and patently say that fashion is about clothes and not politics, racism or any other sociological facet of life that you can think of. It is offensive that Ms. Friedman, who more than once talked around the clothes of a collection referred to the blah blah blah of couture which is exactly what she’s done with this collection by talking all around the business of fashion and turning into an ethnic/racial situation.

It doesn’t matter if the designers of these costumes are black, white yellow or green... what matters is that it is a shame and a disgrace to discuss him in the same breath as true couture designers such as Balenciaga, Charles James, Norman Norrell, Givenchy, Yves St Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and you get the idea....  these clothes are not even drag queen worthy as they want to wear Bob Mackie and Naeem Khan and not look like some cartoony comedy sketch costumes from a 1960s comedy variety show recreated by some design student or look like they shopped in Billy Porter’s red-carpet closet.

All of fashion has devolved with the advent of ad dollars influencing reviews and turning heritage names turned into H&M worthy collections but this one takes the cake and it is the media who has demeaned and disgraced fashion by hyping and oohing and aaaahing no talent talents by rarely offering a truthful review in fear of losing one dollar of ad revenue. In this case it is more based on the current socio-/financial climate around the world.

Shame on you all who declare collections like this and Balenciaga as a new path for fashion.

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