Saturday, March 6, 2010


Returning to familiar territory for Fall, Mr. Galliano presented the "jacket centric" collection with the focus on the equestrian. For lack of a better way, let's try word association for the, ruffles, knits, leather and georgette dresses. The collection was shown without a preponderance of black and by DIOR standards without a lot of fanfare. One has become accustomed to the extravaganzas of years gone by so the presentation was a bit theatrical standards but the content remained as always.......................beautiful !


Mr. Mouret has been expanding his day wear in recent collections and this season he has accomplished a full segment.............................but unfortunately he did it at the expense of his cocktail and evening clothes which one has come to expect at every showing. The clock stopped around 6:30 unfortunately, especially because one had the feeling that the evening segment was coming and it never arrived


I am always biased when it comes to this collection and Mr Elbaz so it should come as no surprise that the collection was purely Lanvin and purely Elbaz with just a couple of notable changes. The adornments and embellishments of the clothes were much more obvious , meaning that this season it wasn't the necklace or the gloves, but it was part of the garment and not removable. The feathers and fur were evident as they have been everywhere for the season but the clothes remain to be recognizably Lanvin.

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