Monday, March 29, 2010


Jason Wu, Thakoon, Alaia, Naeem Khan, Isabel Toledo, Narciso Rodriguez, Issac, Donna Ricco, Moschino, and J.Crew have been linked to The First Lady of The United States. Michelle Obama has single handedly restored glamour and fashion to the White House, to Washington D.C. and with it some of the home grown fashion talent from New York and her hometown of Chicago.

With her statuesque carriage and with extreme grace and charm, she has certainly made the fashion community take notice. I applaud her daring and varied choices while I can honestly shake my head at others. Mrs. Obama is far from a model type body but makes up for it with her height, bravado and her unconventional tastes. As we have seen, she is a fierce supporter of sleeveless tops and dresses as well as fitted waists and she does love her accessories.

Another thing we have noticed is that she certainly is not shy when it comes to designer names………….and by no means does she confine her choices to designer names that are well known or even on the lips of the most seasoned fashion addict. She has certainly let it be known that she will wear what she pleases and will buck no interference from her critics or any fashion types. I believe that her sartorial choices are greatly influenced only by Ikram Goldman and from her eponymous store in Chicago. Ms. Goldman has obviously been extremely helpful in shaping the image of Mrs. Obama and to very favorable opinion.

I would only suggest a couple of things that might enhance her overall look and the biggest would be to lose the belt. Her love of “the belt” does her a great disservice as she is very short waisted and constantly makes her waist appear to right under her chest. One of the other ideas I have so that when she wears a fitted sheath dress, the color should not be too bright since she, like most women who have had children, is a bit broad in the beam and she does have a butt………..all of which is fine except she must leave a room or a stage as well as enter.

Even with these minor flaws, I find her to be refreshingly non self conscious and with a great flair for her presentation as First Lady. Give me one Michelle every 4 years and then we might be known as country with good taste.

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