Monday, March 1, 2010


This season seems to be leaning heavily on doing what you do best so, these 3 houses have certainly come full circle.
After a few too many seasons of like who would wear it let alone who would buy it kinds of clothes, the house house returned (TO SOME DEGREE)making clothes that one might actually see someone wear other than in an ad or on an editorial page. I would have to say that this was the moment and the moment was seized
While having been asleep for a few years and having has a string of designers, this season has clothes that should bring those ladies back into the stores. The clothes were beautiful and sort of ageless, the shoes beautiful and the bags very desirable. For too many years the house had to rely on menswear, shoes and bags and now the Ferragamos should be very proud that the collection reflects the DNA of the fabled brand
While the house has never given up on knits, there was an absence of the "signature" style of the house. This season reflects its comeback and in all its glory. The patterning and the colorations are distinctly Missoni and the styling distinctly 21st century. I am sure that its faithful clientele will be once again wearing this Missoni collection .

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