Monday, March 8, 2010



The brand will be the comeback brand of the 21st century now that it has found its voice and designer Phoebe Philo. This lady has single handedly revived and rejuvenated this sleepy brand with just 2 shows. There was the brilliant Spring which is followed by an equally brilliant Fall collection that will surely delight the retailers and their customers. The spectacular collection is plain and simply wearable and tricks, no muss, no fuss. There have been very few full collections this season that can rival it.


Usually known for his octane take on glamour, I found this season to be severely lacking in what he is most known for. For Fall, there was a preponderance of draping, black and poor styling which all drowned out his trademark beauties which came too late to save what had already happened. Plainly put.......................where was the chic?????????????


its all about the fabrics and simple lines that make the collection so beautiful. It seems that only a handful of words can be used to describe Fall 2010..........lush, luxe, clean, butter soft leathers and brevity of extraneous decoration.

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