Monday, March 1, 2010


This should wrap up the break neck schedule of showing for the season. I wanted to get in these last 3 as each had something important to say ...........that is, speaking within their own vocabulary.
Long known for their exotic prints and combinations of pattern and fabric, Etro has continued in a slightly over the top way but never abandoning their roots. In a season that might border on boring and the seen it or that again factor, Etro has pulled it out of the hat with no problem
With an army of models parading down the runway in black jackets(very Judy Garland) but the point was tailoring and the DNA of this company. The guys proceeded to show the lace, the leopard, the long and the short of it and don't forget the breadth of it ..............all with little or no problem. My only problem is that I found the lengths that hovered around the knee took on , as they say," a molto signora look" but it would be a great stretch to ever call this dowdy.
While I can never count myself among the purest fashionistas who worship at the temple of Marni, I am able to say that for the first time I found the collection to be over the top but yet understandable on many levels. I am not unable to ever underestimate the power that this collection has imposed on the fashion jewelry business.............a single handed force which has taken that area to a new level

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