Wednesday, March 10, 2010



It would be an understatement to say that this collection was fabulous or would it just be redundant as most of the Chanel collections are fabulous. Complete with ice fantasy Mr. Lagerfeld brought the feeling of fall with the visuals of how sees Fall 2010. He is a man of endless imagination and endless ideas of how this famed house should progress with each season. for fall he mined the classics of Chanel and advanced them with technology of fabrics and especially with the advanced take on fake fur which he used without restraint. The shows are a tour de force as they encompass all things Chanel, whether it be shoes, handbags, jewelry or is all Chanel fall 2010.


The 16 styles which were shown, or better yet exhibited , could only give us a glimpse of what would have been.....................These pieces were of such exquisite beauty tha one would be hard pressed to know whether or not they were couture. It is as if he decided that he would do couture on the sly but oh how lucky we are that he did. I truly would have loved to have seen what the buyers saw as there were 200 other pieces that were offered to buyers. as far as farewells, this was might is just too sad to think that there will be no more of his greatness to appreciated .


As the new designers try to reach their younger audience, it would have been nice if they had included some more of the Valentino vocabulary. Yes, the ruffles were there, minor touches of red and the femininity that was omnipresent for years, but the clothes lack the finish that was associated with the house. There were only a few pieces that looked like they were perfect, I kept seeing clothes that were packed and just pressed but not pressed properly. Ruffles are not "new" if you curve them around the body or conform them into a shape................I believe that Valentino was a great lover of women and he knew them all too well. The new duo need to refine these clothes and give them that slick chic look of the original .

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