Friday, March 5, 2010



Nicolas Ghesquiere will be the man to watch in the 21st century ..............He has taken the ART of fashion to new dizzying heights. This doesn't always translate to the most wearable or the most salable but what is does translate to is ..........BUZZ !! He creates for the future with the latest high tech methods offered in the manufacture of clothing and he takes his inspiration this season from everyday items such as bubble wrap and biscuits. What spews forth from the mix can only be classified as wearable art, but upon examination there are incredible feats of clothing design. The collection has a hint of Courreges but with softer edges and unimaginable effects. Love it or hate it, this is awe inspiring given the end results.


It's sex, drugs and rock n roll at this revered old house. It's flashy , it's wild, it's sexy hot and it's in your face. There is some fascinating appeal to the line up of the collection is certainly not without great tailoring and great dressmaking and most importantly it all comes with quite a hefty price tag from what I am told. So if flash and sex race your motor.............get on line for the latest frocks from Balmain

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