Sunday, March 7, 2010


AZZARO-While i usually am a fan of the collection, I must say that I am sorely disappointed by its latest offering. Sometimes when you look to tone down the glitter/ glamour quotient, you can almost obliterate it, which is exactly what has happened here. While the clothes are still pretty, there is that excitement and splash that is almost completely gone which sort of makes the brand seem very ho hum


Last season, I was all excited to see what had been done to resuscitate this brand, this season I was anxiously awaiting the reincarnation of Loewe. Well, much to my dismay, what had started out so promisingly in October, certainly disappointed in March. Again, seemingly ho hum which does not bode well for the brand.


Bravo to the performance artists who revisited the "Russian doll" routine for this season. I can only be sure of the fact that the show was a spectacle..............the clothes were not without their certain charm and beauty but one has to question who wears these creations. I am hoping that there is an audience as it would be such a pity to lose these guys. I laughingly refer to them as the titans of tulle as no one comes to mind, other than Capucci, who could construct some of these unbelievable costumes. In a sea of black, they sure do know how to stand out.


For fall, global fashion has taken on new meaning with the latest group from the bad boy of fashion . One must always be able to strip away the excess and find the beauty which is Gaultier. His superb tailoring is there,the colorations, the embellishment that is all part of the show and yet the pieces are pure Gaultier once dissected........................they just sometimes get a bit hidden within the themes of each season .

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