Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alexander McQueen Paris Collections fall 2013

This is not a collection that can be spoken about as ready to wear; I see this as Haute Couture, as a matter of fact as HAUTE as you can get.   If I want to take it a step further I can say that Sarah Burton is paying homage to her mentor and presenting this as a paean to the every last abbreviated collection that he was directly responsible for.

There is no way that this is about ready to wear or reality. This is about the art of fashion; the craftsmanship, the petit mains, the unbelievable hours and dedication that it takes to create just one of these extraordinary pieces.  I labor under no illusion that these clothes bear one iota of relation toany aspect  of real  life but that doesn’t stop me from lauding them as masterpieces and  demonstrations that there there are still designers who step out of the boundaries of reality and create clothing of extraordinary and singular beauty.

Do they border on costume? Well, yes they do and so did within every Galliano for Dior couture show and every Tisci for Givenchy couture show and every Lacroix and St Laurent couture show.  There is not on who didn’t just throw their caution and reason to the wind  and in doing so produced  these collections as the manifestations of what we/they  think real couture clothes should look like .. These are what designers live for... to express themselves in the name of the brands that they built with no barriers or restrictions...right or wrong!

So in the oceans of sameness and ease with which all designers borrow from each other, there will be no borrowing here.  This all speaks to the power of the brand and the confidence that Ms. Burton has built in such a short time. 

Brava. Bravo and keep on doing what you do as it just takes my breath away

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