Saturday, March 2, 2013

Haider Ackerman Paris Collections fall 2013

Well, that didn’t take long at all now did it?  Haider Ackerman, the wunderkind of several seasons ago turns out to be well, not much to talk about this season.

What happened to the lush color combinations and the sumptuous and exaggerated layering?  What seems to have replaced it is a Norfolk type blazer, tightly cinched, with a French cuffed shirts with the cuff unlinked and pulled through the sleeve to hide the hand, some wall socket shocked hair and skinny pants, flat boots and a rare appearance of beauty.  There were traces of what once was and there are a couple of beautiful jackets and few of those gorgeously origami folded tops but in the ocean of greys it sure doesn’t make much of an impact.

I guess that when pigs fly there are 2 different things “miracles” that can happen, one good and one bad and today I experienced the latter.  I am sad to be this disappointed as I was hoping that he would be a beacon of originality and instead he seems to be slowly joining the pack.  Now instead of being able to speak of his singular vision I can speak of his inability to stay the momentum of his first shows. 

The big question is simply this … was this show a misstep or was it a harbinger of what is to come?  The misstep is the more preferred reply but I sense that it is not the reply that is the truth.  I fell that there is something to be said for the evolution of a collection and not the revolution that some designers think is necessary … laser focus can be a good thing coupled with singular vision.

I am guessing the “pundits” will laud his new vision even though there is nothing new about it!

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