Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentino Paris Collections fall 2013

So, the pigs continue to fly overhead!  The design duo at Valentino  seemed to have loosened up a bit finally; that is not to say that this collection is footloose and fancy free... far from it!  This is Wednesday Addams meets Heidi meets some character off a Delft plate and then plays with the idea of staying a virgin forever!

The clothes remain as buttoned up and prissy as they have been for seasons now but there is more color than just that flesh toned beige and some hints of good design afoot… and I mean that literally as they even opted for an alternative to their low kitten heeled pumps.  The biggest news is the color which suits them well.  The addition to some scallops and pleats, insets and beautiful double faced cashmere pieces isn’t hurting either.

There is no question that these clothes are exquisitely made and a couple of steps short of haute couture but this new “life” that they have breathed into the collection could not have come at a better time.  The sameness that they seemed to have gotten so comfortable with has been inching along without even being considered evolutionary.  This collection makes them appear as if they were on drugs and let their inhibitions dissolve.  In so many words or in maybe less words... I am very happy to see that they are not as tight assed as they have been for so many seasons.

Part of the allure of the re-imagined brand is workmanship that goes beyond the original and that is saying a mouthful as the original was nothing to sneeze at.  Here, the beading and embellishments are tossed around as if they cost nothing; they are used with absolute abandon and I am guessing very little concern of cost.  They have certainly elevated what we consider to be ready to wear. 

How much do I love that they used ermine... a lot!  They stepped outside their comfort zone for a change and hopefully they will consider doing so in the future.

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