Sunday, March 3, 2013

John Galliano paris Collections fall 2013

Okay here’s a concept for the great minds of fashion to ponder … a collection that is minimal, sexy, chic and doesn’t look like Jil Sander as it seems she is the sine qua non of what is minimal and what all others copy to achieve the minimalist Nirvana they aspire to!

No need to think any longer ---EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH TIME”S UP!

Bill Gaytten has achieved something that most are incapable and most don’t even have a clue on how to approach or wrap their precious little heads around an original idea.  I fell in love with Mr. Gaytten when he had a brief moment as head designer at Dior after the hasty departure of John Galliano.  The 2 worked side by side at Dior as well as at the eponymous JG collection but it is in the absence of Mr. Galliano that Mr. Gaytten has flourished and earned a personal great respect of mine.

This fall collection proves what I have always said... and will continue to say … DESIGNERS DESIGN! And one needn’t look any further than right here with this collection.

Do I think this is the greatest collection since sliced bread… no...? Do I think everyone will agree with me... no, but I want to make it clear that collections like this are achievements and testaments to talent.  I am not a dyed in the wool fan of neither John Galliano nor his term at Dior and I was never a fan of the eponymous collection BUT I am a fan of Mr. Gaytten and his esthetic and obviously his great talents that he bestows on us as being part of the world of fashion…. Gotta backtrack a second to say that I was always a fan of the extreme talent that Galliano had for creating the theater of fashion and for the seemingly impossible feats that he achieved while designing at Dior.  So, I am absolutely not diminishing or poo pooing the talents of John Galliano.

Back to business here, the collection is one of sheer simplicity without looking like 2 slabs of fabric sewn  together that conjure awe and reverence; this is the unimaginable concept of being simply sexy, simply lean, designed with the greatest of attention to detail and not meant to appeal to everyone.  It is also a collection that doesn’t trend along with every other designer out there and yet as much as I carry on about Mr. Gaytten, he has taken the DNA of the brand and morphed it into a new and more languid result.  And Oh yeah!  Minimal and not necessarily hard edged!

I am duly impressed and I absolutely tip my hat to you...Monsieur Gaytten!

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