Monday, March 4, 2013

SAINT LAURENT Paris Collections fall 2013

Dear Hedi,
Have you lost your freakin mind? This is one of the biggest insults and shams to be tossed upon the fashion biz in many many years.  This is akin to blaspheming the glory of the brand and the legend of the designer and his body of work.

I was willing to defend you last season as I thought you were just teasing with all this grunge crap and heroin chic stuff but alas, I see you are deadly serious.  How unfortunate that you really believe your own press!  How sad for you to think that you have made use of the house codes and DNA!  How sad to think that this is suitable or fashionable unless of course one is strung out and hoping for a fix.

Now Hedi, WHAT EXACTLY WERE YOU THINKING HERE??? are you clean??

So you thought that if you use leopard… any leopard... that would do...WRONG!  Did you really think that fur coats which look like they probably still have a bullet hole in them are chic and of the moment?  I mean really libeling, baby doll dresses in what looks like Gap cotton flannel but are  probably some cashmere atrocity or million dollar an inch fabric  that only adds insult to injury?  Hedi, you are no longer the street kid from Berlin, you are approaching middle age and you have the tummy to prove it so it is time to give up the damned beat up buckled ankle Doc Martinish boots and the leather looks that make your souk look leathers worse than if they came from the souks in  Morocco!  Hedi, liebste… WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

To make matters worse, the media might give you a standing ovation for this pile of junk and that would really hurt you as then you might believe they really like it which is not the case as they are more concerned about your advertising dollars than they are about your rags and that you think you are just too fabulous for words.  Let me put it to you this way, if they rave about this garbage, they will lose any bit of gravitas that they retain after the ridiculous reviews they have been writing to ignore the ugly clothes that are being paraded down runways …yours of course being the ugliest!

Discussing your inspirations and your esthetic are pointless as is discussing your presentation you’re your clothes make Givenchy look like Charles James... Hedi, my dear, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
You have in one fell swoop brought Courtney Love back and made her a super star even though she has moved onward!  I am sorely disappointed in you unless of course this is just a runway collection and there is a REAL collection hiding in the showroom… which I highly doubt as you have really raised the bar for HUBRIS!

Bisous cheri……

P.S. I cannot even try to gratify any of your supposed references by writing about them here as I  am deeply mourning a master and in a rare moment of compassion, I offer Mr. Berge a shoulder  to cry on !

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