Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elie Saab Paris Collections Fall 2013

For fall 2013, Mr. Saab continues to hone his collection.  The day wear continues to grow and the mature in the most beautiful way, albeit with a few bumps in the road.  Mr. Saab is one of the “designers who design” and he shows off his potential every season by challenging himself to show the most beautiful of evening clothes and now daywear with equal  aplomb  and deft hand…well not really equally but very close these days.

He has a knack for a creative palette even though the mainstays are white, black and navy; he adds colors that just a bit off the radar and always manages to finesse them beautifully.  Speaking of finesse, what I love about what he does is that the clothes have nuance and by that I mean almost imperceptible touches and changes that differentiate themselves from let’s say a short version to a long version.  This lofty explanation is simply explained by; let’s say moving a slit from right to left or adding a seam where there wasn’t one before or with the addition of shirring for detail purposes.   These are not glaring in your face qualities but they are what make him a world class designer.

Evening wear is clearly the star here but I love that his simple almost unembellished pieces are as beautiful as the totally embroidered pieces.  He finds new ways and inventive cuts to show off his ample talents in this area.  It is what makes him so viable as an international designer.  He is not a Johnny One Note as I am sure he is as popular with mothers of the bride as he is on the red carpet.  He is seemingly not a media whore who needs to have every 2 bit starlet wear his clothes  which I think works to his advantage and I adore that the clothes while being very much of the  “look at me” are not in the same class as the overtly trashy flashy Signora Donatella  which come with Hollywood Blvd. guide book…. If you catch my drift!

I really cannot ramble on about the clothes too much as there is not much wrong here... it is all very personal as what and which you like  and so I opted for my personal favorites and a couple of less than stellar pieces which require a “ back to the drawing boards” approach or simply into the discard room.

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