Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yohji Yamamoto Paris Collections fall 2013

I must be in the middle of a “pork blizzard” as the pigs flying by me are causing epiphanies that I have not experienced in years.  Today will mark my first formal review of Yohji Yamamoto even though he is considered to be a legend of fashion and one of the business’ few true createurs.  So today, yes I got it... I see it... I understand it... well at least for now.

I do know that Mr. Yamamoto is a master tailor and a master of proportion as I have always watched from afar but I was never a believer as is the case with most of the Japanese designers since their arrival around 20 years ago.  There is a part of me that doesn’t allow myself  to have the fantasy and vision that might allow me to be of like mind with Mr. Yamamoto, but that changed today as suddenly I saw clothes I could actually envision people wearing outdoors and not looking like some sort of fashion freak or victim.  For me that is a revelation if not an epiphany of sorts!

If possible, one needs to strip away the typical Yohji antics of the odd shoes, accessories and layering and then focus on what you see which is impeccable tailoring; it is not just tailoring but tailoring that includes drape and softness and not just hard edges usually associated with the art of fine tailoring.  Mr. Yamamoto has also honed his skill when it comes to dresses.  The skill here is in the constructions and the cuts and the intricacies that are involved.  I can’t yet wrap my head around the wearing of them but from an esthetic and technical standpoint they are incredible and to be compared with the best in this regard.

The fact that I can now speak the word natty, chic, and slick and in their own way beautiful is something I really never thought could happen but I do believe it today.

I am constantly reminded of Lee McQueen saying “that you have to know the rules before you can break them.”

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