Sunday, March 23, 2014

the Vogue Obit.. an open letter to Anna Wintour

Dear Madame Putin Wintour

I want to personally thank you for taking the fashion business to its low ebb. This can only prove that everyone is a whore and the only thing that separates them is the price. You have single handedly diminished and denigrated one of the great fashion institutions of this country.

One must ponder how far off the announcement must be of the KK costume galleries at the Met or the Anna Wintour Wing of the costume institute. What a disgrace you are to have sold out a business for your own personal gain. I can only hope you will be remembered for the evil twisted narcissistic bitch that you are. You have thrown every designer to the curb and under the bus in your quest for notoriety. Shame on you!!

Recognition within in the once hallowed pages of Vogue has suddenly become a deficit rather than an asset as who needs to be featured in the fashion world’s version of the National Enquirer. What was once an aspiration and goal for so many has now become shattered if not just a laughing stock.

My ONE and biggest prayer is that one or more  your primo advertisers will feel the same way that I do and withdraw their ad $$ from any magazine where you exert any influence. One can only pray that all this manure  you have slung during your tenure will bury you forever and may shame be upon you in indescribable quantity  and oblivion and silence will be the new standard operating procedure for Nuclear Wintour

Chew on that honey!

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