Sunday, March 2, 2014

Akris .. Paris Collections .. Fall 2014

If things were looking grim before today, it was before Gn and definitely before Akris! After what I thought was superb pre fall Herr Kriemler delivered a perfectly beautiful vision for the brand for Fall 2014. The continuation of purely chic and urbane clothes takes a slightly more modern turn with the end result being just what one hopes a Fall collection can look like.

Slick is a word that comes to mind as well as chic, tasty and soigne. The clothes retain all of the DNA and vocabulary that Mr. Kriemler has built during his tenure and has in fact resurfaced after a temporary departure from the past few seasons.

It just all worked... the styling, the shapes, the palette, the mood, the layering and the general tone of the collection. It is greatly re assuring when designers go back to doing what they do best instead of testing the waters unsuccessfully, (IMHO). The collection is restrained without being boring and contains the flourishes that Mr. Kriemler has now fully integrated into the collection... ie the photo print images!

We have enough collections that look like Chloe, Celine, Givenchy and contemporary sportswear, the time has come to regain the luster of what makes great fashion and that DOES NOT include regurgitated inspirations which usually accompany ugly and unwearable clothes. Akris is a collection that speaks for itself and not a collection that requires an instruction manual or a translation for what you see.

I tip my hat to Akris and Albert Kriemler!

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