Monday, March 3, 2014

Saint Laurent .. fall 2014 Paris Collections

Well, the only assumption that can be made is that the transformation of Yves St Laurent to Saint Laurent is now complete. With the help of Kering and Herr Hedi, the brand is now a luxe contemporary sportswear brand aimed at 20 somethings with trust funds or unlimited means.

For me there is no logic to reimagine a brand like  this when it is just as simple to use a designer and pump him up into a darling of Conde Nast and deify him with no history to contend with. Why on earth do you want an old brand and give it a divergent contradictory outlook which translates to no brand recognition for a brand that existed for decades and think it is okay and the world will flock to it. Talk about being disappointed especially if you thought this had anything to do with YSL.

And so now, you have a collection of crotch grazing dresses shown on barely post pubescent, kohl eyed nymphs who look like they are street urchins playing dress up... Fetching...yes?? Without exaggeration there could not have been a single model “model” that was more than 20 or a size 4. Then again if one is to extrapolate the look even further they all look like C L I T or Courtney Love in Training….how tired  and how pedestrian for a revered brand such as this and really.. How pathetic to prostitute th elate designer in such a way.

Apparently Mr. Slimane is Johnny one note and will continue to play this tune until someone threatens his ass and he shapes up. Yes I have always preached some sort of consistency but I rarely preach bad taste and perpetuating a myth. The collection looks like London in the 60s and all that Biba Carnaby street stuff that went the way of all flesh for a good reason or reasons....namely H&M, Zara and Forever 21.

Maybe the world can’t get enough of fetishistic school girls in uniforms and $3000 shrunken blazers and I am out of synch wit fashion but I highly doubt that I am outnumbered here no matter what the pundits will laud him for. I eagerly await the day when reality sets in and they examine the clothes they aren’t selling in the name of selling another handbag and another pair of shoes. What a sad commentary for all concerned.

PS .. . Editorially speaking you can look for oodles of dresses and pieces which will read.. “price upon request” and if you are into furs that look  like they still might have a bullet hole in them ..have at it!!!

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