Saturday, March 1, 2014

LOYD/FORD .. Fall 2014.. Paris Collections

 Dateline Paris … Fall 2014    ... As Messrs. Loyd and Ford like to say “we are all about lace ‘n love” and with the “Blackbird Collection,” this is a brand that is poised to soar and as of last reports …soaring!!!


That expectation thing that I spoke of the other day; in another one of the rare moments when expectations live up to reality, there is LOYD/FORD. When I last “visited” the company, it was operating as Uniform Union but has  changed its moniker to LOYD/FORD and it is now that the design team of Loyd and Ford show us exactly what they can do and what they are made of… indeed it is lace n’ love! Without question this is an evolutionary brand that isn’t concerned with reimagining itself every season as these 2 know who they are and they have identified their strong suit. In other words the M O is expansive and focused!


This is a resource that has taken one of the most difficult of materials to work with and transformed it into one of the most modern of collections and in the process has defied the odds by creating lace pieces that are timelessly chic, stylish in addition to, dare I say it … creative and inventive ... you know it’s that designers who design thing I always talk about! Imagine, they have created wearable clothes without sacrificing any of their DNA!


To say that I was and am intrigued with this collection/brand is an understatement. To say that I am impressed with the growth of the collection is an understatement and finally to say that this collection deserves the attention of the media/press is still one more understatement. The level of execution of these clothes is of the highest possible perfection as are the materials used for the entire grouping. It is only an ignorant and lazy “eye” that has not recognized the exquisite nature of these clothes as well as their inherent qualities, not to mention the immense talents of these 2 designers.


I am not sure that the photos suitably capture the intricacy and delicate nature of these dresses/styles but as you can see, not only are they superlative works of the art and craft  of fashion but they are extremely versatile as well as holding a varied appeal for wide range of women. Loyd and Ford has expanded the breadth of the collection to include more categories as well as a variety of materials. Take note that there are pieces that can be worn separately, layered or jacketed, or with lace capelet and in case you need it pointed out, there is no shortage of drama here and no one will ever say that LOYD/FORD is boring!

This is a collection that commands and demands … so … have a look and let’s hear what you think…

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