Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Alexander McQueen .. Fall 2014 .. Paris Collections

In a season of faux spectacular and so many "me too"  collections, there emerges a clear and stand-alone collection that deserves to be lauded on levels unknown to many designers. Sarah Burton has indeed mastered the vocabulary of the short lived Alexander McQueen and in doing so she has  perpetuated his life span and his legacy. She has not only mastered it but she has broadened it and added to it without skipping a beat.


Understand that what makes this such an incredible collection is that if one is judged by the company you keep then Ms. Burton is certainly the only guest at this party. Yes, she continues to follow in the path of the uber talented late McQueen in a way that seems otherworldly  to the viewer, it is as if he inhabits her or speaks to her and she is the conduit with which he continues to thrive.


Okay enough  of the superlatives here; regardless of all my inclinations, first and foremost being wearable and salable .. well that flies right out the window here. Even I can see that these clothes are appealing to only the most discerning of collectors and fashion hoarders. I am not sure if any of it is really wearable but I am sure it is all mighty fabulous. Again, my “designers who design” seems most appropriate here but I would be a huge fool not to ask myself what would happen if there was no legacy to continue.. or does that really matter?


I can only say that when reviewers seem to devote as much verbiage about venue and make-up and hair as they do about the clothes, here is a show that warrants it all. No matter what the exact “inspirations” may be, the outcome is clear, these clothes speak for themselves and for  the brand. Maybe they even scream!


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