Sunday, March 2, 2014

Andrew Gn .. Fall 2014.. Paris Collections

What a concept!! Thank you Andrew Gn for presenting this beautiful collection of distinctively beautiful and exquisitely executed clothes. In case, you have not noticed I rather like Mr. Gn’s clothes. I was first attracted to the clothes when his focus was evening wear but he has evolved into being quite adept at his suits and dresses for “day.” For me, I must always keep looking once I see the germ of talent.

One of my main attractions to this designer is the impeccable hand he has when it comes to the execution and finish of the garments, the second being his pitch perfect color sense and the third and maybe the most important is that he a designer who designs. These clothes reflect and respect the new world order, so to speak and yet they revere a time when clothes were more than just mere folly and amusement.

There are times when I don’t feel the need to justify my opinions and this is one of them. The clothes speak loudly, maybe they even scream in their own way as to why they require no explanation. If this train of thought is not clear to you, then it is possible that you cannot be a fan or admirer of Mr. Gn.
What saddens me so greatly; is that clothes such as these and many more are ignored by the media as there are no outrageously absurd theatrics that accompany them, no half brained dim witted rock star was last seen wearing them and that in today’s world of fashion we are seemingly more concerned and intrigued by the ridiculous especially if it is being financed by some great overreaching conglomerate who thinks that press is the key to sales…  Well... it may help and it can “bring the horse to water but it cannot make it drink!”

I tip my hat to Mr. Gn and his colleagues who suffer at the fate of the pandering money grubbing media... I am hopeful that he and his ilk will continue to shine a flattering light on an industry that is severely in need of “good press!” Not to mention real clothes!!

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