Saturday, March 1, 2014

Viktor & Rolf ... Fall 2014.. Paris Collections

The theme of today must be designers who design as proven by Viktor and Rolf who surely were at their best today when presenting Fall 2014. No, there were not up to their usual antics of totally unwearable but over the top clothes, instead they were at their designing best to create and display their talents as commercially viable designers and creators.

Let it be known that I am always a fan of what they do but more often than not I am just flummoxed by their product most of the time and have no idea how to critically approach it. Today is not the case!! Today was an all-out display of what happens when these 2 turn concept to reality and the reality into salable wearable clothes. Once again, do not misconstrue my words and think that the outfits are wearable or commercial as shown but there is a treasure trove of fabulous pieces within this collection.

From trompe l’oeil knits and fabrics to asymmetrical hems to masterful tailoring, Messrs. Viktor and Rolf have offered choices and beautiful workmanship as well as their trademark sense of humor. They even worked the soft drapes into garments as well as in the form of graphics. To me, this was a great display of what these 2 are capable of when they focus on the reality of fashion rather than the fantasy of fashion.

Once again, we have designers who design and that is a category that seems to be diminishing rather than increasing this year.

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