Sunday, January 17, 2016

Milan men's fall 2016 Bottega Veneta

Well, here is a case where it doesn’t matter what the inspiration is or what the background blah blah  is as this is a collection that is slick, chic, hot and even sexy at times. This is a no apologies, no excuses collection designed for men, men who know they are men and not for those who have gender identity issues.
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The collection is polished, sharp, grown up and not in the least bit dated. Maier tweaks the classics in a very au courant way; plaids take center stage in a most engaging way. Again, even the casting suggests grown up... not old... grown up... men who look like they belong in these clothes, the swagger factor is high with fedoras rakishly tilted  and scarves skillfully tossed but not any of it is over the top.
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The only criticism I have is there are few pieces that look like that crinkled patent leather of the 60s and 70s. I’m reasonably sure there is nothing cheap about those pieces nor made of any petroleum based products. For me this is is Maier at his best... Minimal in his way and classic in his way... all with a twist whether in fabrication, silhouette or even a pocket placement.
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