Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maison Margiela haute couture Spring 2016

Let me preface this by saying, I write this at the  risk of being drawn and quartered as well as being publicly scorned by the fawners of fashion but who cares….

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Can someone please explain to me the so called collection of John Galliano (Maison Margiela); “le pauvre Galliano” who in my eyes is demonstrating that his stint at Dior was akin to Custer’s last stand. To say that these “things” are fashion is incomprehensible to me. Yes, they are technical feats of construction but so is a bridge. 

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To my eye and maybe I am just being old fashioned in my thinking that clothes are meant to be worn no matter the price but this looks like the clothes actually exploded on the models. If there is a positive to any of it, there were some beautifully tailored jackets and one off white trench coat but … really? To those who will fawn and coo.. get a grip as you no more understand these clothes than you do about utilizing quantum physics!

PS: with all the chatter about relevance.. explain tom e where hat enters the pictures here.... what exactly is this relevant to ??

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