Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Delpozo NYFW fall 2017

Del Pozo fall 2017
Let’s us take a moment here and GIVE THANKS  for showing in NYFW as without you  each season becomes more of a yawn or a yikes. Thank you for actually presenting a “DESIGNED” collection that doesn’t riff on trend but is true to not only the DNA of the brand but to the roots and its eponymous designer. Thanks for showing clothes that abound in creativity, that challenge the viewer and that appeal to a select few who understand the art and craft of fashion. BTW it is not Raf who brings the luster and cachet to NYFW … it is Delpozo!
·        Construction
·        Color
·        Groupings
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·        Inventive
·        Razor sharp
·        Creative
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·      Volume
·        Geometry
·        Memorable

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·        Eye catching
·        Severe
·        Draping
·        Edgy
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   Art of fashion
·        Craft of fashion
·        Celebration
·        Collectible
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   Beyond trend
·        Innovative
·        Unparalleled
·        Impactful

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