Friday, February 18, 2011


There is such a phenomenon as fashion as spectacle and if you need any proof of its existence then you need to attend a show by THE BLONDS. These 2 have singlehandedly, well 2 of them so I can’t say what the term would be, turned their shows into the highest of drama mixed with an adoring throng of friends, media and admirers who not only arrive to see but to be seen. The 30 minutes or

so before the show begins turns out to be this enormous photo op for the denizens of NYC nightlife who live for that moment of the photographers’ flash and maybe that elusive 15 minutes.
What amazes me is not the hoopla that surrounds these shows but that the design team is endlessly inventive, imaginative and unfettered by the constrictions of conventional fashion wisdom. Not only their limitless imagination, but they have the wherewithal and the knowledge to turn their visions into reality. This particular grouping focused on China and we were transported to the Far East via the glamor route which strutted down the runway in sky scraper heels leaving an indelible memory of each creation put before us. Let’s say these were all from Column A and no column B.
Beads, sequins, jewels, glitter, fringe, macramé and shiny satins took us back in time to a China we know from Charlie Chan movies, opium dens, Fu Manchu and maybe even those Chinese restaurants we knew as kids. The bottom line is that the clothes/costumes are marvels of construction, ingenuity and creativity that reassure us that there is still some fun, humor and untapped talent in this business. The Blonds took us all on a vacation to their China and what a trip it was!

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