Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DONNA KARAN ..Fall 2011...Sheeeeee's Baaaack!

It’s back to being a full-fledged collection again and it’s about time that Ms. Karan abandoned the all dressy format that she has been literally clinging to for several seasons. Back are the coats, back are dresses that do not require a specific occasion, back are PANTYHOSE and back are pearls.
The clothes remain softly draped, but not overly done and the silhouette is slim and not totally unforgiving. The palette is soft, yet not boring, the coats are stunningly sharp, yet not over wrought and the accessories stunningly simple, but not dowdy.
Ms. Karan is a great designer and really should allow herself to present “MORE COMMERCIAL” collections such as this one which would only bolster her standing in the retail designer hierarchy. After all, if these clothes don’t make cash registers ring, then it doesn’t really matter what your inspiration or fashion theory might be.

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