Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oscar de la Renta..Marchesa Fall 2011

Being a fan of both collections, more Oscar than Marchesa, this season I must have taken a stupid pill as I fail to see the beauty in either collection and I feel cheated by their presentations.
Okay, so Oscar looks very rich and very luxe and that’s the way it is supposed to look. He has dedicated his career to that woman and now her daughter and he has done it more successfully than most. Th

is collection, while I find it to be appealing, is up to his normal standards of excellence. It seems to be more hodgepodge and “what she couldn’t wear she carried” meaning that even if there was a more restrained presence the collection seemed so busy that one didn’t know what to look at first. There seemed to be a missing element which could have been the raffine rather than the over the top.
Marchesa is a case in point where there is too much chat about the inspiration and too much spin on the why when there should have been fabulously beautiful gowns. The designing duo have made a name for themselves doing tasteful and occasionally over the top confections but this season either their esthetic has changed or I am clouded by the technology that it must have taken to create this season’s collection. Yes, they are entrance making, yes they are spectacles to behold, but I fear that is all for the wrong reason. In my opinion, these clothes are more costume than anything else and beg for attention in a too obvious way.