Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs...Fall 2011

I am always hesitant to review a Marc Jacobs collection as I always feel I am in the minority with my assessment. This season, however, I find this particular collection oddly appealing. I believe that some of the reason comes from how the show was styled. The season appears to be much cleaner, less bells and whistles, which may have allowed me to look at the clothes and not all the superfluous stu

ff that surrounds them as a rule.
Having seen so many MJ collections, I suddenly had this epiphany that he only designs clothes for the season…he has no specific look and yet most of the clothes are emblematic of Mr. Jacobs. Hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that he doesn’t associate himself to one look or silhouette or line and yet the clothes are recognizable. The polka dots, the fitted shapes and the overall clean lines appeal to my sense of fashion regardless of the “look” of each particular outfit.
Mr. Jacobs is nothing if not the provocateur, whether it is his eponymous line or Louis Vuitton. He is one of the bad boys of fashion who grew up right in front of us and became synonymous with fashion on an international scale.
For no other reason than to keeps this business exciting and fresh, I hope that he never alters his M.O. and just goes on his merry way of shaking up everyone and everything that we seem to know about the rules of fashion.

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