Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jil Sander

At the outset I thought that this was going to be another groundbreaking season after a spectacular Spring collection, but alas how quickly things can change. Yes there were vibrant colors, yes, there were prints albeit not as fabulous as Spring, and yes there was a continuation of the “egg” shape but not with as much success as Spring. There is something oddly retro 60’s about the collection with

the chin strapped helmet headwear but it seemed like there was something missing as a whole in the collection. Where were the high points or the memorable moments of how fabulous Raf Simons has made Jil. The collection seemed more like a study in proportions and silhouettes as if it were more tenuous rather than definite. The floral prints were weaker and the choices seemed to be odd and out of place. It is possible that with Mr. Simons contract being up this year that his heart was not in this collection which is sad as he has done so much to propel the collection to great levels of acclaim and great salability.

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