Sunday, February 13, 2011


I may have been slightly disappointed with this collection but that does not mean that Fall 2011 was still not wonderful. I have a great love of hard edged, clean lines and refined collection and Mr. Gurung still delivered what would be considered to be a fabulous collection. He chose his hard edges with stark contrast of black and white whether with lace print or with lace overlay, he flexed his tailoring muscle with a razor sharp grey trench and with a red one shoulder short dress. The degrade (ombre) jackets were superb not to mention that there was a fleeting nod to YSL with the bow at the neck looks and the red/hot pink combination. Take note of the evocative nature of the black long and the short version of what I called the Balenciaga tulip tunic dresses.
What suddenly struck me is that models of today are really no asset to the clothes; these girls clop down a runway devoid of any grace or class, they tend to all look the same. For years models like Dianne De Witt, Sarah Kapp, Billy Blair, Pat Cleveland and so many more lit up a runway as they glided its length, the “girls” of yore understood the clothes and acted accordingly which is totally absent in the circus like atmosphere of what we call fashion in today’s world.