Thursday, February 24, 2011

GUCCI ..Fall 2011

Well if this is any indication of what’s to come, PETA is going to be very busy this coming fall season. The latest from Ms. Giannini is luxe without being dreadfully over the top and also a bit of a nod to the eternally fashionable YSL. That is to say, yes it is over the top but in a more sedate way rather than the usual bells and whistles that accompany a Gucci collection.
The keys are color, fur, leather, wearable and all with a polish and swagger that has been missing for a long time. The collection has a 40’s type of Hepburn glamor with the fuller pants and the defined waists, jabot blouses and the softer filmy evening wear. Even the shoes and handbags have been tamed…no major platforms or major stilettos nor any outrageously ridiculous bags. Don’t get me wrong, they are there just not front and center as in the past, after all, accessories are the bread and butter of the brand.
I really do like that so many of the daytime looks are finished off with a fedora which also adds to that soigne city sophisticate look as well as possibly a nod to Frida’s favorite decade(70’s).. As I said, there is plenty of fur, whether it is collars or cuffs or detail or coat and this part has not been tamed as the fur shows up in a kaleidoscope of colors which only drives home that color statement more emphatically.

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