Monday, February 14, 2011


I have been a hesitant fan of the collection since its birth but I am finding that Ms. Beckham has remained true to her vision and produces a beautifully made and presented collection for women of a certain taste level. The clothes are not tricky; they are what they appear to be, albeit with a bit more élan than the usual fashion fare.
These are dresses, for the most part, that require no inspir

ation but do require a design discipline that is very refreshing in today’s world of fashion. The discipline is in its apparent simplicity which requires great craftsmanship in order to be successfully rendered. The edges are sharp, even though they have been softened this season, the line is clean, even if the lengths have been elongated this season and the color range is limited, yet not boring.
It is possible that the newer silhouettes have been influence by Ms. Beckham’s forthcoming child birth, but they are not out of control and hardly of the maternity genre of ready to wear. Hopefully, this collection will remain on the limited side as there are so many possibilities for error if the collection increases in size.

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