Saturday, December 15, 2012

GUCCI .. pre fall 2013

There seems to be a new M O (modus operandi) at the house of Gucci and it seems to be SELL!!  When I say sell, I mean the clothes have to sell, in other words clothes that reverberate with the client and would be clients.  Clothes that are not just for magazine pages.  The result is apparent and it seemingly has put Frida Giannini at odds with her post Tom Ford era of flash and dash!

The pre-fall collection is full of great accessories as well as full of fashion and salable clothes.  The coats are stand outs; the leopard is a crowd pleaser year after year no matter the season or the brand.  The silhouettes and shapes are both commercial and yet very waist centric but then again this is a “high fashion” brand so it ALL can’t be loose and shapeless.  The odd thing here is that with this waist focus, there was a shortage of sensational belts.  It should be noted here that there is a preponderance of day looks rather than the flash and trash evening looks that have filled so many seasons before this one.

My eye had a bit if difficulty “digesting” what seems to be the slightly elevated waistlines of many outfits.  Even though I know the trick can be accomplished by skirt lengths, I am not sure this is a look that will resonate with the consumer but then again it might be easily solved during alterations.  One must have a second look at the collection to affirm that it is not boring nor dowdy nor safe; this is a collection that deserves attention.

So, you might ask ”will it sell?” and I would have to guess  that this will be a highly successful season as there are enough statement making accessories to make the selling period hugely successful.  There were a few stand out and noteworthy pieces which should satisfy the dedicated fashion groupie; the shadow plaid 2 piece peplum dress, the leopard coat and that army   green ruffle skirt matched to turquoise sweater and leopard shrug are pretty amazing.

Bottom line, this is a thumbs up for the brand and a feather in the cap of the designer and proves that one can achieve all the elements of high drama and fashion and still produce a commercially successful collection and still be editorial worthy.  As I have always stated about brands such as Gucci; it is a good thing they really don’t depend on clothes to boost the bottom line but oh what a difference clothes can make if they in fact do sell!

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