Friday, December 14, 2012

TEMPERLEY LONDON ... pre-fall 2013

Me thinks that the model’s resemblance to Kate Middleton is no coincidence.  There is no question that there are a plethora of looks in this collection that one can see Kate wearing during her media frenzied life as the Duchess of Cambridge.  You might also consider that the model in question could be a combination of Kate and Keira!

Aside from the above, Alice  Temperley plies her craft with great panache and reminds us, yet again, as to why she is favored by so many including Kate.   These clothes are beautifully made and extremely appealing on so many levels.  They are young without being cutesy and sophisticated and chic without being dowdy or matronly.  There is a great degree of wear it now involved in the grouping which is great as the delivery is summertime, at least on the calendar.  I found the shortcomings to be mostly when Ms. Temperley used her prints which are already such a potential issue so in essence, it is a calculated risk at best.  The best of the prints was the all over feather print slit sleeved gown.

The collection is dress rich and with varying shapes and silhouettes that will delight lots of ladies from many different age groups and none will look foolish in these creations.  There are some incredible evening pieces which flatter and quietly scream of good taste and urbanity.  Stand outs were the  languid solid colored gowns at the end and the tuxedo striped jumpsuit.

Ms. Temperley treads that fine line between doing what she does best and chartering some new territories, all of which she manages to do with great apparent ease of hand.

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