Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vera Wang... pre-fall 2013

What does one make of these clothes?   Someone needs to explain to me what happened to Vera Wang … the Vera Wang who designs gorgeous  and exquisite wedding gowns and who used to design luxurious statement  making red carpet gowns and chic cocktail and day clothes… that Vera Wang!

All I can see here is an expensive pile of stuff that doesn’t even look good on the model.  It is one thing to take a bend on the road and design a more bohemian collection for Kohl’s but hell who wants to look like a very expensive unmade bed?  Apparently things went very south at the house of Wang after her longtime collaborator passed away and it has been a long arduous journey to this point which is a complete 180 from where  it all started. 

Ego and means aka lots of money are a dangerous combination it the fashion business and more than one has fallen victim to it.  One just can’t help but recall the beautiful collections that she is capable of   designing and yes I know it is against the grain of the fashion business to look back but this can’t be all there is that lies  ahead!

2 presidents later, Vera Wang is now the queen of “what are you thinking?”

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