Friday, December 7, 2012

DONNA KARAN Pre-fall 2013

What was once a reason to add a delivery cycle for manufacturers, has become a driving force in Fall sales.  The “season” was invented to not only flow merchandise to the selling floor, but for the designer to get some really strong sellers into the stores early to insure good sell throughs.

That being said, Donna Karan has fulfilled all the requirements and prerequisites to a tee.  For this early selling, she returns to what she does so well … salable slick clothes for women who know what they like.   
One cannot help but look at this collection and see the evolution of her body of work from that very first eponymous season.  Ms. Karan shines when she keeps it simple and razor sharp.  In so many of her collections, the philosophy seems to overpower the clothes rendering those collections odious and highly questionable.

For pre fall, the silhouette is decidedly slim without being unforgiving. The lines are pure and clean and almost geometric and no they don’t look like what might be “referenced” by other designers.  Ms. Karan has a menu that has always included these clothes, she just manages to blur the lines between the really hard edged to the softer sides and by doing so, she will make register sing soon enough.

As we used to say in the retail business, “get away from the door, the clothes are flying out” and so they will when Donna does what she does best.

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