Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WHY DON'T YOU .. day 2

In honor of still one more book being published this week based on the illustrious life and career of Diana Vreeland, I dedicate this week’s series to her and her spirit.  The book’s title is Empress of Fashion: A Life of Fashion authored by Amanda MackenzieStuart. (http://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/review/empress-fashion-life-diana-vreeland).    So, this author’s version will be dedicated to a large number of those who are my INTERNATIONAL “friends” on Facebook; the ones who carry on in the tradition of great style and fashion and offer the most original and superior goods and services imaginable.  So, this week will be all about... WHY DON’T YOU?

Norman Ambrose… WHY DON’T YOU... entertain at home in your graphic appliqué dress when in Lyford Cay or Palm Beach  thi season and then maybe wear spectacularly embroidered   beach coral when off to the club for New Years Eve(http://www.normanambrose.com/)

Los Milagros… WHY DON’T YOU … plan a surprise south of the border getaway at one of Cabos’ best kept secrets?  Your “innkeeper” Sandra Scandiber provides the ultimate in cuisine and surroundings. (http://www.losmilagros.com.mx/) Tell her I sent you!

Samy David… WHY DON’T YOU … order an amazing piece of porcelain from Samy D. of Tel Aviv?  Per chance it is one of the exquisitely executed pieces of jewelry (art for the body) or the fabulous dinnerware or a piece of fine art.  Maybe check in to the Alma (http://www.almahotel.co.il/) and have a “religious “experience (www.samy-d.com)

The Blonds… WHY DON’T YOU … party like a rock star while  dressed like one  in a fabulously jeweled and custom made corset, fish nets and spikes?  This design duo dresses everyone from Britney Spears to Fergie to Adam Lambert to Nicki Minaj!  (http://www.theblondsnewyork.com/collections_dye.html)
John Lyle… WHY DON’T YOU own a piece of shagreen?  This premier furniture designer and showroom offers the most original designs for the home. P.S. Shagreen is a type of rawhide consisting of rough untanned skin, formerly made from a horse's back or that of a wild ass (maybe you know one or more). Shagreen is now commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays. (http://www.johnlyledesign.com/) Maybe you can convince John to design something especially for you.
Steven Oo… WHY DON’T YOU… order a hand (and we know whose hands) knitted unisex sweater from one of the most talented knitters of the 21st century?  If ready to wear is more your thing... shop his looks at Anthropologie or (http://stevenoo.viewbook.com/)

Ward Kelvin … WHY DON’T YOU… wear chandelier earrings with that simple black dress or the white strapless for New Year’s Eve or opt out for a drop dead collar of pearls, gold and diamonds with either (http://www.wardkelvin.com/) and wear your studs instead

Victor Raul Garcia… WHY DON’T YOU… accessorize and adorn your walls with 21st century art by an up and coming contemporary abstract painter from New York City? (http://www.victorraulgarcia.com/) and show your friends that you are a patron of the arts a la the Medicis.

David Shults ... WHY DON’T YOU... have a moody photographic portrait done of yourself to hang in the study or give to a loved one… of course in black and white … it can even be done “chez nous” (davidshultsphoto@gmail.com) .. He is my “Aberdeen”

George Zaharoff … WHY DON’T YOU… take a trip to the windy city and shop til you drop at his glorious new flagship at 110 Oak Street … you can even do it as a day trip… and stay for cocktails … exclusives await .. (http://zaharoff360.com/) tell George I sent you !


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