Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D Squared pre-fall 2013

I am always hesitant when the Catens show a collection as the rule of thumb is usually to show a pile of clothes and maybe within the spectacle of the runway presentation, you walk away with something other than a good time and showmanship.
The pre-fall presentation is all about showmanship except via the images that were presented.  The styling is beautiful if you want to walk away with images but more buyers need clothes.  For a change, there are some real clothes to be found in this souk of a collection which borrows from anyone like Marc Jacobs to St Laurent … Yves, not Hedi or Stefano… to name a few.
In general, the palette was beautiful,  the dresses, long and short,  were borderline obscene due to their lack of breathing room, the model was a great departure from their usual cycle sluts but I just wish the styling was not so intensely retro.  I fully understand that designers today do not have a signature look but at least try to be somewhat consistent within a collection.  That being said, they went from gaspingly tight to boxy and everywhere in between.
The dresses were definitely the highlight as were a couple, I mean a couple, of the tailored pieces and the rest of the pile is odd at best as they remain just pieces of clothing.  Maybe someday, the Catens will present a cohesive collection that shows off what talent they may possess.

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