Saturday, December 1, 2012

Harbinger of Design... Gabriel Everett

Oh to be young, bi-coastal and blessed with talent and looks.  That would pretty much start to describe today’s harbinger of design.  His name is Gabriel Everett and this is a name that should not be forgotten as it is a name of the future.  Mr. Gabriel is a photographer by choice and god given talent.  His works echo the greats of the 20th century; Avedon, Mapplethorpe, Newton and Guy Bourdin and dashes of Sieff, Hiro and Penn.

His images evoke a moody, brooding and kind of surreal moment for the viewer. On occasion, Mr. Everett offers up a bit of kitsch as well.   During his brief career, due to age and not lack of prowess,  his talents have been associated with Arnaldo Lucca, Lope Navo, Estee Lauder, Bottega Veneta and Oscar de la Renta.  I would have to say that his abbreviated history has the makings of a very long and distinguished resume.
One must look at the body of work presented here as the opening chapters on the book for this photographer as it is clear that there is so much more ahead for him.  I might be tempted to say that your consideration of him for future projects would be to your advantage and a credit to your clairvoyance.

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