Thursday, December 6, 2012

WHY DON'T YOU .. day 4

Rod Keenan … WHY DON’T YOU … let New York’s master milliner suggest a chapeau for the cold winter months ahead or see if you can convince him to design one especially for you ?  Maybe he will invite you to his atelier! (

Mark Cross … WHY DON’T YOU … rush over to Barneys and have a Grace Kelly moment or possibly a Zelda moment and buy one of each, one for you and one for your BFF… Merry Xmas! (  Taylor Swift, you know that young girl singer, has an amazing attachment to her Scottie!

Marco Santaniello… WHY DON’T YOU… have your pop portrait done by the 21st century’s answer to Andy Warhol or commission one for your bestie? …he can work from photos or you can visit in Tokyo! (  sayonara!

Paola Quadretti  … WHY DON’T YOU … shop in the chicest way possible( in a private brownstone)  for her latest creations;  fab  suits, dresses and out  of this world jackets all made by hand in Italy?  Make it a girlie day with lunch included. (  Think 10021

Dragan Mjrda … WHY DON’T YOU … bring a friend and buy a wardrobe of the most stylish and comfortable shoes in the world?  Dragan might also personalize to your specifications. Call them bespoke! ( P.S. I couldn’t live without mine!

Ruven Afanador … WHY DON’T YOU … acquire one of the matador portraits for yourself or a bull fighting aficionado from this brilliant photo portraitist? (
Ruthie Davis … WHY DON’T YOU... walk taller in your skyscraper heels from this new kid on the block, move on from Brian and Charlotte … ( Do your own thing!

Lloyd Klein… WHY DON’T YOU … arrange for a meeting with the premier haute couture designer in Beverly Hills who houses his business in a castle and get yourself fitted for a holiday frock? … N’est ce pas Cherie! (

Zachary Selig… WHY DON’T YOU … research the artist and his spiritual and surreal art?  Maybe you need a chakra adjustment! … Isn’t that just the most divinely inspired notion? … (

Diana Vreeland … WHY DON’T YOU …. Read the newest, latest and greatest book about me by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart, it tells my whole life story, warts and all? Or buy it for a fellow fashion freak. (

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